Meet Kathleen.
May 14, 2013 Accessory knits

I am so excited to introduce our latest member of the “Loops Troops,” Kathleen.

Kathleen learned to knit from her mother.  Her first love was sewing, but she stayed with the knitting as well, adding crocheting to her repertoire along the way.  But she “really got into it” about 4 years ago, when she discovered Loops!  She was thrilled to discover a world of new fibers and colors beyond what she was used to seeing in the big chain stores.

I was immediately drawn to Kathleen’s smile (her eyes twinkle and squint up, like mine!) and her easygoing yet elegant demeanor.  And then she started pulling out her recently completed projects.  Oh, mama!

First, she came in wearing Scalene, which she made with two colors of Ella Rae Lace Merino.


Then she showed me her Leftie shawlette, which she recently made using one skein each Vice Paradigm in Plain Jane and Grackle.


Next up was the triangle scarf from the Picnic booklet in Firefly, which she brilliantly modified to minimize the charting and still keep the cool ridge affect.


Kathleen was an enthusiastic participant in our Spring Knitalong, completing her Lace Ponchette in Firefly.  So pretty!


And the piece de resistance, in my opinion, was this Imagine When shawl made from 2 skeins Mimi 100% mink yarn from Lotus.  I don’t even have adjectives for how soft it feels.


On her needles right now are two cute vests, which I can’t wait for her to finish so I can show you.  And finally, kudos to Kathleen for being more than willing to model her work in a job interview.  That is cooperation (and bravery), folks!  Kathleen will be working primarily at our Utica store, so stop in soon and meet her!

– Shelley

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"4" Comments
  1. Congratulations on hiring a great lady. No need to pay a salary, just pay her in yarn, it will save paperwork!

  2. Kathleen’s projects are gorgeous! She will, indeed, be a great addition to the Loops family. Welcome to Kathleen!

  3. LesaBeth Barclay

    What beautiful work! I love looking on the site at the wonderous creations and dream of someday….I will be able to make something so beautiful!

  4. I am happy for Kathleen’s talents to be “out and about” where people can see her lovely work and enjoy her warm personality! Gina was on the ball the day she
    discovered Kathleen!

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